Western Analog is a radio company consisting of three offices: Bloomington, Indiana, Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NYC.

We build systems for analog disc recorders and radio communication. Currently, all our recordings are done in mono. We apply many years of careful experience to our vast collection of well-kept equipment. We have over 15 lathes and 30 cutterheads of various capabilities to suit many types of demands. Our lead engineer, Jack Kilby, has over 12 years experience operating lathes, While second engineer Hunter Ericson has 6 years experience operating lathes.

Bloomington, IN

4 rek-o-kut lathes (2 Grampian D Cutterheads, and 2 Presto 1-D), 2 presto lathes (Presto 1-C), and 2 portable cutting booths (vanrock and rek-o-kut).

Pittsburgh, PA

Fairchild 523 with mono Ortofon cutterhead, and a Radiotone equipped with fairchild 541 mono head.

Brooklyn, NYC

2 silent Presto 6N Equipped with stylus heat and fairchild 541 heads.

Radio Sites

Our site is located near Somerset County, PA, in an area we like to call “Microwave Country”. This area has a rich history with radio communication. The hilltops make for easy microwave path alignment, and great coverage to the areas below the hills. Though this site is only 80 feet tall, It sits on the highest point in the area and provides great coverage. We are offering site installation service and tower space for lease here.

Record Cutters

Presto Desk

This desk served as the primary lathe at Pittsburgh’s “Abandoned Store”. It was my first successful attempt at utilizing chip pickup and stylus heat. I have recorded a number of quality lacquers at this desk. It is Equipped with matching Presto 1-D Cutterheads. Unit 1 is operated as a lacquer cutting station, while unit 2 is used to cut experimental materials.

Field Recorder

The field recorder is one of the most well consolidated lathes we have constructed. The Presto model Y recorder is quiet and smooth running. It sits on casters and is easily transported. The input panel supports most types of modern connections. The control panel switches on vac, heat, and two auxillary controls. The EQ also serves as a slide-out work space. The amplifier sits in an enclosed space and has taps for 4, 8, 16, and 500 ohm heads. Also finely upholstered.

Sidecar Transcriber

This desk is equipped with A 16-Inch Rek-O-Kut Master Pro B5 Unit, and a 12-Inch Presto J model. Both units are equipped with variable chip removal, lamp/blower heat, and stylus heat. The Bogen-Presto amplifier supplies signal to 16 ohm Webster Electric mono cutterheads. These heads are equipped with heater faceplates which allow for easy upgrades. The bulkheads behind the lathes allow for easy switching of heads or sending auxillary signals to program monitors. The control panel allows the user to apply proper amounts of heat and vac to the units. The lamp arm overlooking the desk is intended to hold a USB microscope to display groove geometry and examine stylii. With the semi-pro features, room to expand, and so much space to consolodate the massive amount of material needed to cut discs, this unit is a brilliant step toward making higher quality recordings.


To inquire about custom designed record cutters or our other endeavors, please email or call us. Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to answer the phone. Thank you~

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